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'Rural Heritage' to showcase 2011 Bishop Mule Days

Chariot cow roping from 2011 Bishop Mule Days by David Calvert

This Friday, April 13th, at 9 p.m. PDT, the Rural Heritage Program on RFD-TV will feature Video Mike Productions' Hitches at Bishop Mule Days 2011.

This video presentation features Bobby Tanner's 20-Mule Team pulling original Borax wagons, chariot cow roping and racing, mules hitched to authentic farm implements, historic Americana classes and more.

Rural Heritage describes it's programming as:

"In a world where people carry email‐ready cell phones that play the latest ringtones, drive GPS‐equipped cars showing DVD movies to the rear seat passengers, and serve their families processed foods enriched with high‐fructose corn syrup that’s packaged in cellophane and plastic, a growing number of people are bucking the trend. These folks seek an alternative lifestyle that fosters a genuine respect for the land and recognizes the value of family and community. They’ve found that by learning and helping preserve the skills and technology common in our great‐grandparent’s day, they can achieve a sense of self‐satisfaction and fulfillment unavailable in the typical life of reality TV shows, big box stores and frantic after school schedules.

"Rural Heritage programs celebrate this way of life. They showcase people who till, plant and harvest their fields with horses providing the sure, steady power; who fell trees by hand, selectively harvesting a stand of timber to improve its long-term health and carefully skid the logs through the woods with a team of oxen; and who saw blocks of ice from clear river water to be hauled up the sledge and stored under sawdust in the ice house until summer. These activities-and lots more like them- are recorded and shown on RFD‐TV to an audience that appreciates more than just their nostalgic aspect, but also recognize their usefulness in today’s modern world."

RFD-TV is aired on DirecTV channel 345 and Dish Network channel 241, as well as on numerous cable services through the country. For more about RFD-TV, click here.

(Photo of Chariot Cow Roping by David Calvert)

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